HG Biomedical Co., Ltd. is an import and export company characterized by its all-dimensional vertical integration in biotech materials, including R&D, design, development and sales. HG has won the favor of raw material manufacturers in the United States, Japan, Germany and China, and as their agent, has imported their high-end raw materials which undergo our strict quality control procedures in Taiwan, so that Taiwanese downstream manufacturers can use them to carry out their product development with ease.

Our product dosage forms suitable for the raw materials range from functional drinks, capsules and tablets to powder sachet packets. We have also mastered the core technology that allows the functional raw materials to be stably maintained under a strict manufacturing process. To serve our customers, we cooperate with OEM/ODM manufacturers to develop products, too. The sales of functional foods and biotech materials will not be limited in Taiwan, but are expected to be extended to the United States, Japan, Germany, China and Southeast Asia through the agency system. We work in collaboration with our local partners to develop products that suit the needs of local markets.

Since the main businesses of HG involve international trade and new product development, our team, with more than a decade’s experience in international trade and considerable practical training, can rapidly make decisions on the procurement of raw materials

Under the highly competitive situation among domestic traders, the HG international team excels in the formula technique and production system of manufacturing the special dosage forms, with the aim of maintaining our competitive strength and standing out from the competition.