COLLACOMFORTTM un-denatured type II collagen

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COLLACOMFORTTM un-denatured type II collagen

Type I collagen is mainly extracted from pigskin, cowhide or fish while type II collagen is extracted from chicken cartilage.

In 1993, a renowned international scientific journal (SCIENCE, VOL.261, 24 September 1993) discovered that functional type II collagen is the main component in cartilage tissue and that daily intake of low-dose functional type II collagen can ameliorate the symptoms of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. An international nutrition journal (Journal of Nutrition. 1999; 129: 1891-1895) further proved with animal experimentation that oral administration of large molecularsized collagen can increase the collagen content in articular cartilage, as well as replenish it in the organs and encourage repair and replenishment. Later studies have also shown the beneficial effects of functional type II collagen on arthritis.

Efficacy of collagen II on chondrogenesis

COLLACOMFORTTM induced chondrocyte proliferation
COLLACOMFORTTM inhibited expression of inflammatory genes (e.g. COX2 or IL-6)
Chondrosarcoma cell (SW-1353) treated with collagen II (purity ~80%)

Comparison of competing products

Main Functions of Functional Type II Collagen

  • Ameliorate joint pain and inflammation
  • Repair and reconstruct cartilage
  • Stop erosion of cartilage and bones
  • Promote long-term health of bones and joints
  • Improve movement

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